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Securing Social Leads is a module based course which is designed for all levels of Facebook marketers to complete at their own pace. We believe that the real goal of being on Facebook is to cultivate new relationships with people. To do so you need to capture leads. Campaigns designed to drive traffic to your Facebook Landing Page are the ideal way of doing this. The goal of the Securing Social Leads Training is to show you hands on, you how to build effective Facebook Landing Pages.

This training is 100% FREE. Here’s a small sampling of what you can expect to learn:

  • Look over my shoulder as I show you step by step how to build your own Facebook landing page (I assume you know nothing, and show you everything starting from scratch without any coding! )
  • Why most marketers are focusing on the wrong objective with their landing pages on Facebook (Many fortune 500 companies make this mistake)
  • How to use your landing page in a way that will at least double your chances of having your audience listen to your message
  • How you can use your landing page to capture e-mails, phone numbers, and virtually any info you’d like
  • How to make use of the Facebook Connect button (that’s the blue button on the right of THIS PAGE) so that your users only have to click once and you can capture their REAL e-mail AND post a viral message on their timeline which will drive even more fans back to your landing page
  • How you can split test Facebook Landing pages inside of Facebook to arrive at the highest converting landing page possible


The training begins Soon. Register now and make sure to watch your e-mail for the start of the course. This is going to be one of the best courses you have ever seen!


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