The Importance of Facebook and how to get more likes

               One of the things most people focus on when they first start marketing with facebook is how to get more likes. Unless
you’ve been hiding under a rock there is no way to ignore that Facebook is
becoming the central plumbing if you will of the world wide web. Facebook has 901
Million users as of March 2012 and is growing with no end in sight. This means
that if you have an online business, organization, or group of any kind chances
are the majority of you audience is currently on Facebook. It would be unwise
to put it lightly to not have a presence on Facebook. Getting more likes is key to increasing your organizations footprint on FaceBook.

                If you
are reading this, you probably want more than to just have a presence though.
You may want to grow your market and meet new customers, users, or members for
your organization. Facebook is perfect for this, if you know how to use it

get more likes on facebook

though, you have to understand that Facebook is a social platform. Therefore it
can’t be treated like traditional advertising channels. You can’t simply PUSH
you message across. In fact, if you try to do this, chances are you will be
hurt by edge rank,  Facebook’s  algorithm which rates how relevant your
Facebook posts are. You see, one of the goals of having a Facebook presence is
to have your audience exposed to your brand or organization on their wall when
they log in. Beyond this, you also want your audience to share and publish your
content with their friends. This is the way to make your message go viral and
to grow your user base or customers base exponentially. If you simply
“push” by constantly “advertising” or trying to sell
without engaging you audience, chances are they will ignore you and not
interact with you. This will make you less relevant, and less likely to show up
on your users walls.

                 The average
Facebook user has 139 friends. This means if you have just 139 friends
(If you don’t,  don’t worry it’s easy to
get this number of “likes” on Facebook) and you share an interesting
post, the potential Facebook reach of that post if just those 139 people share
it is 139 x 139 = 19,321. Of course you’ll probably never post something that
all 139 people will re-share, but you have to remember that once something is
shared each of the persons friends see it and they can re-share the post, and
then in turn their friends can re-share that post and so on. So eventually you
get several degrees of separation out  and
the post will have the potential of going viral.  The beauty of this, is that you are being
introduced to a friend by a friend while they are on a trusted platform so they
are more likely to pay attention to you and become your customer. 

get more likes on facebook

exponential growth is what we all strive for and what makes Facebook so
attractive. The other great thing about Facebook is that it is what is known as
an authority site. Which means Google knows that Facebook is a popular site
which is relevant when you are looking something up. So simply being on
Facebook increases your chances of someone finding you through Google. Once
this happens, with a properly designed Facebook Campaign Landing Page set up
they can “like” your page, and you are now likely to be exposed to
this persons group of friends and their friends.  So it’s not only the customers that are currently
friends of friends, but anybody that is potentially interested in your product,
 service,  or group.The Importance of Facebook


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How to create a Facebook Business Page

facebook page template

     If you have either a business or organization that you want to promote on Facebook then you need to have a fan page.

So what’s a fan page you may ask? And how is this different from a group or even a personal page? Let me explain.

Facebook Personal Pages

A personal page is what you most likely already have setup on Facebook. Its purpose is to be your main account. You can only have one account per Facebook’s terms. The idea of having a personal page is for you to connect with your friends and family. It’s really a bad idea to try to promote your business or organization primarily through this account for several reasons.


Reason 1: You can only have 5000 friends. Facebook has a cap on the number of personal friends you’re allowed. While 5000 may seem like a pretty high number, even if you are just a local business. This cap is a limitation, and why would you want to limit yourself?

Reason 2: Assuming you’re ok with having 1000’s of acquaintances (let’s be real when you get into the thousands of friends you can’t possibly know all of these “friends”) you also are left seeing a news feed that is much less relevant, because your news feed will be cluttered my random peoples postings. Not exactly the idea of being on Facebook. By promoting and growing your audience through your personal account, you are in essence losing the experience of using Facebook to connect with your real friends and family.

Reason 3: You probably don’t want to promote to your friends and relatives constantly. Your friends will get tired of it. On Facebook you have the option to unfriend, or to stop seeing the feeds of people who you no longer want to see. I know personally I have done both. I do not want my newsfeed cluttered by pushy sales, or political messages for that matter. I’m sure you’ve probably seen both yourself If you’ve been on Facebook for any amount of time.

Reason 4: You can’t advertise to a personal profile. Facebook has HUGE opportunities to advertise for very reasonable prices. The advertising potential on Facebook is amazing, being able to target specific demographics and even people who “like” your competitors. You’ll completely miss the boat if all that you have on Facebook is a personal profile page.

Reason 5: You can’t create Facebook Campaign Landing Pages on personal profiles. Personal profiles to not allow for Tabs also known as Facebook Apps for you to create landing pages on. Unless you create a Fan Page you’re missing out on this huge opportunity. As you probably know from reading this web site Landing Pages allow you to direct Facebook Traffic to a specific page where you can capture leads such as e-mails or telephone numbers. You can also run contests, promote coupons, web sites, or just about anything.


Facebook Business Pages

The answer to all the above limitations is to create a Facebook Business Page also known as a fan page for your organization. So how do you go about it?

There are 4 Steps:

Step 1 Create a Fan Page: Creating a fan page is as simple as following the instructions provided by Facebook. This is the link you need to get started: . If you have doubts, the video below gives a pretty accurate description of how to do it.




Step 2 Design your Facebook Business page.

The first thing you will need to do is to decide on an image for your timeline photo. The image should be 851 by 315 pixels large. If the image you have is not exact, you’ll have the option to crop the image when you upload it. There are some rules you need to keep in mind when uploading your timeline photo, they are:

Rule 1 No Calls to action on the timeline image

Rule 2 No contact info in the image

Rule 3: No price or selling within the image

I do have some suggestions for the image you use.

My suggestion for your timeline image is to use an image that is visually engaging. If you are stuck go to fotolia and browse around for royalty free images you can use. You do not want to use an image that you do not have rights to use, this can get you into legal problems down the road.

Suggestion 2: Put text in your image. When someone arrives on your business or organizations page they will most likely not know what your business is about. A clear text telling them what you do will both reassure them that they are in the right place, and help you stand out. The companies below are good examples of companies that explain what they do, or something memorable about their organization which they want clients to remember.

facebook page template


facebook page template

facebook page template




If you are stuck with the image, or you know what you want, but are not graphically inclined, you can always hire someone on or to create or even edit an image you want to use.


Step 3

Next you’ll have to decide on your image for the smaller profile pic. The dimensions for this image are 180 by 180 pixels. Facebook will actually shrink this image down to 160 by 160, but you must have an image that is at least 180 by 180. Keep in mind that this image is the one people will see when you post on your page (as the pages administrator) and what people will see when they search for your page. If you are creative, you can even incorporate this image so that it looks like part of the bigger timeline image on top. Like in the lending tree example below.


facebook page template


Step 4

Now that you have your main timeline picture and your profile picture set you’re ready to start engaging and promoting your business. By the way, the tabs below the timeline picture, also known as the Facebook apps are where you will place your Facebook landing pages. But this is another topic all together. I like to call attention to these tabs by stating what’s offered for free as a lead magnet. To find out how to create the best landing pages available for free make sure to visit my other site and sign up for the course. I cover creating tabs and high converting Facebook landing pages in that course.

To see how to do all the above, check out the video below by Pat Flynn. He does a great job describing the process.



What are you currently doing with your business page? Let me know in the comments below.